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Protocol suite: TCP/IP.
Protocol type:Application layer protocol.
Ports: 2944 (TCP, UDP) text.
2945 (TCP, UDP) binary.
MIME subtype:
Working groups: megaco, Media Gateway Control.

This protocol is also published as ITU-T Recommendation H.248. It was developed by the Megaco Working Group in close cooperation with ITU-T Study Group 16.

MAC header IP header TCP | UDP header Megaco message


Access Gateway.
(RFC 3015) A type of gateway that provides a User to Network Interface (UNI) such as ISDN.

(RFC 3015) A syntactic element of the protocol that groups related properties. For instance, the properties of a media flow on the MG can be set by the MGC by including the appropriate descriptor in a command.

MCU, Multipoint Control Unit.
(RFC 3015) An entity that controls the setup and coordination of a multi-user conference that typically includes processing of audio, video and data.

MG, Media Gateway.
(RFC 3015) The media gateway converts media provided in one type of network to the format required in another type of network. For example, a MG could terminate bearer channels from a switched circuit network (e.g., DS0s) and media streams from a packet network (e.g., RTP streams in an IP network). This gateway may be capable of processing audio, video and T.120 alone or in any combination, and will be capable of full duplex media translations. The MG may also play audio/video messages and perform other IVR functions, or may perform media conferencing.

MGC, Media Gateway Controller.
(RFC 3015) Controls the parts of the call state that pertain to connection control for media channels in a MG.

Residential Gateway.
(RFC 3015) A gateway that interworks an analogue line to a packet network. A residential gateway typically contains one or two analog lines and is located at the customer premises.

SCN FAS Signalling Gateway.
(RFC 3015) This function contains the SCN Signalling Interface that terminates SS7, ISDN or other signalling links where the call control channel and bearer channels are collocated in the same physical span.

SCN NFAS Signalling Gateway.
(RFC 3015) This function contains the SCN Signalling Interface that terminates SS7 or other signalling links where the call control channels are separated from bearer channels.

(RFC 3015) Bidirectional media or control flow received/sent by a media gateway as part of a call or conference.

(RFC 3015) A communication channel between two switching systems such as a DS0 on a T1 or E1 line.

Trunking Gateway.
(RFC 3015) A gateway between SCN network and packet network that typically terminates a large number of digital circuits.


[RFC 3054] Megaco IP Phone Media Gateway Application Profile.

[RFC 3525] Gateway Control Protocol Version 1.

[RFC 5615] H.248/MEGACO Registration Procedures.


[ITU-T H.248.1] H.248 Error Codes and Service Change Reasons.

Obsolete RFCs:

[RFC 2885] Megaco Protocol version 0.8.

[RFC 2886] Megaco Errata.

[RFC 3015] Megaco Protocol Version 1.0.

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