ATMP, Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol

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Protocol suite: TCP/IP.
Protocol type:Application layer tunneling protocol.
Port:5150 (UDP) HA.
Working groups:

IP multicast datagrams cannot be tunneled with this protocol.

MAC header IP header UDP header ATMP header Data :::

ATMP header:

0001020304050607 0809101112131415 1617181920212223 2425262728293031
Version Type Identifier
Data :::

Version. 8 bits. Always set to 1.
ATMP version number.

Type. 8 bits.
ATMP request/reply code.

1Registration request.
2Challenge request.
3Challenge reply.
4Registration reply.
5Deregister request.
6Deregister reply.
7Error notification.

Identifier. 16 bits.
Used to match replies with requests. A new value should be provided in each new request. Retransmissions of the same request should use the same identifier.

Data. Variable length.


Connection Profile.
(RFC 2107) A table used to route packets other than by destination address. The Connection Profile is a named entity that contains information indicating how packets addressed to it are to be routed. It may be used to route packets to unregistered IP addresses and for routing protocols other than IP (e.g., IPX).

FA, Foreign Agent.
(RFC 2107) A routing entity that resides in a NAS on a remote network that allows a mobile node to utilize a home network address. It tunnels datagrams to, and detunnels datagrams from, the home agent for the given home network.

HA, Home Agent.
(RFC 2107) A router on a mobile node's home network which tunnels datagrams for delivery to, and detunnels datagrams from, a mobile node when it is away from home.

Home Address.
(RFC 2107) An address that is assigned for an extended period of time to a mobile node. It may remain unchanged regardless of where the MN is attached to the Internet. Alternatively, it could be assigned from a pool of addresses. The management of this pool is beyond the scope of this document.

Home Network.
(RFC 2107) The address space of the network to which a user logically belongs. When a workstation is physically connected to a LAN, the LAN address space is the user's home network. ATMP provides for a remote virtual connection to a LAN.

MN, Mobile Node.
(RFC 2107) A host that wishes to use a Home Network address while physically connected by a point-to-point link (phone line, ISDN, etc.) to a NAS that does not reside on the Home Network. Also referred to as the client.

Mobility Binding.
(RFC 2107) The association of a Home Address with a Foreign Agent IP address and a Tunnel ID.

NAS, Network Access Server.
(RFC 2107) A device providing temporary, on-demand, network access to users. This access is point-to-point using phone or ISDN lines.

(RFC 2107) The path followed by a datagram when it is encapsulated. The model is that, while it is encapsulated, a datagram is routed to a knowledgeable decapsulation agent, which decapsulates the datagram and then correctly delivers it to its ultimate destination. Each mobile node connecting to a home agent does so over a unique tunnel, identified by a tunnel identifier which is unique to a given FA-HA pair. A tunnel can carry both IP and IPX datagrams simultaneously.


[RFC 2107] Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol - ATMP.


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